I was born in Glattfelden in 1956 and moved into the region of Wartau in 1981. In 2006, I began to revive my creative skills step by step. While studying at the 'Liechtenstein School of Art', new vistas and horizons opened up to my art. In addition to my graphic and subtle pencil drawings, paintings in acryl and oil became an integral part of my creation. Equipped with this enhanced expertise, I realised my ideas on paper and canvas in my own studio in Weite.
As the human existence and its effect on a global scale thrills me. My work deals with the here and now. Since the beginning of 2012, I concentrate on my new specialty 'Art Print', which is a big and colourful copy of a black-and-white pencil drawing.
For a few years now, I successfully display my artistic works at exhibitions at home and abroad (for example in Spain, Germany, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein).

Franz Bucher

- Liechtenstein School of Art, FL-9485 Nendeln, Principality of Liechtenstein
- Study trips to the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Greece, Scotland, India, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia
- Classes with renowned artists at home and abroad

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